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Amazon Amanda 6'3" Weight 380+ Pounds

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Well if you ever find yourself sitting at home thinking , boy I sure could use a dose of Smothering, Horsey Rides, Leg Squeezes, Trampling, Full Weight Face-sitting, Spanking, Human Furniture, Foot Worship and Verbal Humiliation , so I can get my groove on with my bad self well your in luck. Behold the power of Amazon Amanda Height 6'3" Weight 380+ Pounds
I feel our host Amazon Amanda is worth several posts; say a mini series of posts, in order to come to a full understanding of the nuances of these wonderful fetishes.

So for today's subject let’s tackle the topic of "Smothering".
Here is the definition for "Smothering"

I think I prefer this definition "To cover thickly: smother chicken in sauce" (that deserves a WTF) now back to the subject at hand.

There seem to be (2) types of smothering (See links for examples)
1.Breast Smothering
2.Full Body Smothering
Nothing says erotic like a 380lb woman sitting on my face.

Now here is where this post gets interesting. Amazon Amanda Lives in BOISE, not only does she live in Boise but a friend of mine plays golf with the fellows that started the site and recruited Amazon Amanda. So if you see some giant woman walking out of Winco maybe you could ask for a quick smothering in the parking lot.

I would like to point out that you can buy these little video gems for $55 a piece. Yes you read that right $55 . Do you think there is a market for Male Face sitting??
Next week we will tackle the subject of Human Furniture...Bye for now
Carl Spackler

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  1. Blogger Reynold Thurman 

    Carl, If week one had a winner, this post would surely take the cake hands down. Amazon Amanda is incredible. What a specimen. Although I cannot one-up you, perhaps I could be influenced into mentioning my cousin on this blog. Although it could be bad for family relations. We'll see, since I do have her URL handy. We need to get my cousin and Amazon Amanda in the ring. How sweet would that be?

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